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Your #1 Guide to the Chroma Sphere System.

The Spheres

Chroma Sphere System is comprised of seven planetary spheres - Evol Espireth, Godshi Enpire, Bure Eshpel, Geren Eshper, Pyro Eshwelle, Opree Shengra and Pred Heres - in orbit around the a sun sphere - Hew Espireth. Hew Espireth has similar luminosity to the sun in Earth's solar system, but less heat. Chroma is heated by six nearby stars. The sphere system was peaceful until the First Fall, when hell sphere Peblash Reck joined the outermost orbit.

Beyond the Sphere System

  • The Six Suns
  • The Mindfields
  • The Chroman Galaxy
  • Beyond the Chroman Galaxy

The Chroma Trilogy

The Chroma Sphere System was the inspiration behind Carlie Martece's Chroma Trilogy, which forms books zero, three and seven of the Constructed Sanity Sequence.

  1. Chroma: Intergalactic Botherment
  2. Chroma: Calanooka
  3. calanooka book cover
  4. Chroma: Rainbow B@stards